Saving Silverman

Rated 1.0 An ugly, unfunny comedy from the director of Happy Gilmore, this is a There’s Something About Mary clone with some major DNA damage. Jason Biggs (he who has sex with pies) stars as Silverman, a man lousy in the ways of love, who meets a domineering meanie (Amanda Peet), much to the chagrin of his buddies (Steve Zahn and Jack Black). Silverman’s friends decide to save him by kidnapping Peet, and boring, lackluster comic events ensue. Jack Black is misused on a grand scale (for him not to be funny is a major failure in film construction), and Jason Biggs is a tedious thing to behold. It’s a sad state of affairs when Neil Diamond is the funniest thing in your movie. Do not subject yourself to this. Jack Black fans, I know you are tempted, but you must stay away.