Saturday, March 19, Simpl3Jack

Luigi’s Fun Garden, 8 p.m., $6

Luigi’s Slice and Fun Garden

1050 20th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 552-0317

The first time I ever encountered rock/indie/punk trio Simpl3Jack, the band’s teenage members were backstage at The Refuge on L Street, warming up on their instruments and—sorry, guys—flirting with girls. And then, minutes later, they were onstage ripping it up in front of more than 100 screaming fans and family members. This week, a couple years later, Simpl3Jack has a debut album, Simpl3Jack, which includes 12 tracks and is available on iTunes and on their website. Saturday night in Midtown is the big release show, for all ages, and features performances by Prieta, the Kelps and the Hungry. 1050 20th Street,