Sat, July 25, Agent Orange

Kennel Club, 1 p.m., call for cover

A household name in the Southern California surf/skate during the ’80s, Agent Orange is still shredding faces while going into their 30th year as a band. Their sound is a brash melding of surf rock and ’80s hardcore, but its A.O.’s incendiary live shows that have secured the band a place in punk-rock infamy—like at the tender age of 16 when I witnessed two shirtless tatted dudes hop onstage with skateboards. After skating back and forth, the dudes jumped into the crowd with their boards. I was hit in the face with a spray of sweat and blood. The song “Bloodstains” still conjures up that taste in my mouth. 5821 Auburn Boulevard, (916) 339-9907,