Sat., July 13, Too $hort

Ace of Spades, 7 p.m., $25

Known for hip-hop bangers like “Blow the Whistle,” “The Ghetto” and “Freaky Tales,” Too $hort's credibility as a West Coast hip-hop pioneer stems from early-'80s collaborations with the likes of Scarface, 2pac and the Notorious B.I.G. Still, the 47-year-old rapper continues to release new material, and his more recent work includes collaborations with E-40 and Mac Dre. He was even nice enough to stop by Dimple Records last year to greet fans and promote his latest album, No Trespassing. The rapper will likely perform a variety of familiar hits, but hopefully, his newer single “Playa Fo Life” will also be considered. Supporting performances include Lil Bit and Suave Debonaire. 1417 R Street,