Fri., July 12, the Hey-Nows!

Fox & Goose, 9 p.m., $5

Despite the exclamation point in its name, the Hey-Nows! tread softly, and the band doesn't make a puzzle of itself. Its 1960s-era pop-art logo distinctly resembles the branding for the iconic Beatles film A Hard Day's Night, and, naturally, the Fab Four is listed among its influences. Others include the Byrds, Elliott Smith, Whiskeytown and Crowded House, the musical proclivities of whom have been incorporated into the Hey-Nows! like ingredients in a pie. The Yolo County-based band is led by veteran musicians Lee Milhous and Roger Trott, who, after all these years, still demonstrate reverence for the greats in pop that came before them. 1001 R Street,