Sat, Aug 22, Dave Gleason

Old Ironsides, 9 p.m., $7

Long after the western/swing revival’s ’90s heyday, Dave Gleason still knows his way around a honky-tonk hoedown. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, who comes from a long line of musicians, makes music that’s equal parts Bakersfield country, bluegrass and rockabilly. Gleason’s latest CD, 2007’s Just Fall to Pieces, is rich with such lonesome-heart ramblers as “Train of Blue,” “(Wine) Take Away My Hand” and the cowboy classic “Rusty Ol’ Halo.” The sound is retro, yes, but Gleason, with his backing band Wasted Days, has a way of taking a sound and image that could be seen as trite and overdone and making it feel fresh again. 1901 10th Street,