Sat, Aug 22, Cana Mecânica

Luna’s Café & Juice Bar, 9 p.m., $6

This show should be a no-brainer. Brazilian rock music played by Sacramento locals? Shit, this town’s got it all. Imagine, if you will, Santana’s guitar riffs placed over some Pearl Jam-ish post-grunge beats. Then throw in a singer who, even though he’s singing in Portuguese, is still more comprehensible than Eddie Vedder for some reason. The result is a headbanging clash of the two different cultures that is usually only seen on the soccer field. I wouldn’t call Luna’s Café large by any means, so the setting will be intimate and the seating is limited. Not that it matters; Cana Mecânica will make sure you’re on your feet all night. 1414 16th Street,