Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic

Rated 4.0

Sarah Silverman is blessedly nuts. This pseudo-concert film/pseudo-musical contains what could be the most offensive comedic material put to screen since the South Park movie. Silverman delivers jokes about ethnic groups, AIDS, the Holocaust and porn as if she were talking about camping. Her straight-faced, innocent approach to taboo subjects isn’t just funny, it’s scary funny. Silverman and director Liam Lynch (who’s currently at work on the Tenacious D movie) pepper concert footage with strange skits, mostly musical, of which decency forbids a full description. The best musical number would have to be “I Love You More,” which features one of the funniest uncomfortable silences ever filmed. There are those who will watch this film and feel like they’ve been through hell; viewing should be reserved for those of us with truly sick senses of humor. Count me in.