One festival. Fifty days of live music. Eighty-four local artists. And let’s not forget the thousands of other Sacramento musicians …

Nominating Sacramento’s best music artists for a Sammie is like being stuck between a rock and, uh, reggaeton. In other words, sticky. Hundreds of worthy bands, but only 60 can be finalists. Voters settled on an even 84.

Inside, you’ll find brief histories on most of these nominated artists, photos, tidbits, and live-music calendar. Pretty useful stuff. Oh, and there’ll be a rad festival celebrating local music on July 17 at the Crest Theatre. You. Are. Invited.

Thank you for reading and thank you, Sacramento musicians and artists, SN&R

Design: Kate Murphy
Photography: Jeremy Sykes
Sammies bios written by: Kimberly Brown, Edward Dunn, Josh Fernandez, Jackson Griffith, Jonathan Kiefer, Frank Miller, Nick Miller, Emily Page.