SacTrivia: The Drinking Game!

Think you know Sacramento? Have some beer and find out.

It’s not a party until someone suggests playing a drinking game. A popular pastime, drinking games can involve plastic cups, dice, ping pong balls—really anything you find in your dad’s garage.

If there’s one thing that always pairs well with beer, it’s trivia. Here’s a Sac trivia-based drinking game for you to test your knowledge, and your alcohol tolerance.

For each question, choose one answer. For each correct answer, you get one point. If you choose the wrong answer, take a drink. Tally up your points at the end, and the person with the highest score wins.

1. On its standard route, where does the Sac Brew Bike stop most frequently?

A. University of Beer

B. Bottle & Barlow

C. Kupros Craft House

D. Iron Horse Tavern

Answer: In front of your car during peak traffic hours. Remember, take a drink if you didn’t get the correct answer!

2. What color is the Tower Bridge?

A. Gold

B. Silver

C. Yellow

D. Ochre

Answer: Originally industrial silver, the Tower Bridge’s color was first changed to ochre in 1976, then later golden yellow in 2002. Since the bridge was painted over each time, it’s technically all of these colors. If you got all three, congratulations! If not, it looks like you’re going to have to take another drink.

3. What is the Kings mascot Slamson’s favorite movie?

A. The Lion King

B. The Lion King 1/2

C. The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride

D. The Lion in Winter

Answer: Slamson’s favorite movie is The Lion King. Note that there are two versions, the 1994 original and the 2019 remake that comes out this summer, so in order to earn a point you need to specify “the 1994 version.” Unless you do that, you’re gonna have to chug that beer!

4. In the movie Lady Bird, why did Lady Bird leave Sacramento?

A. Sacramento had too many Bradford pear trees and it was starting to become an environmental hazard.

B. Lady Bird complained that Sacramento had no culture.

C. Sacramento didn’t want Lady Bird around any more.

D. Trick question—Lady Bird never left Sacramento!

Answer: Lady Bird left Sacramento because she got into a school in New York. You didn’t get that one? Bummer. Guess you have to crack open another cold one.

5. Sacramento used to be known as the “City of Trees.” What did the city change its slogan to in 2017?

A. Farm

B. To

C. Fork

D. Capital

Answer: Wow, I can’t believe you got this one wrong, too! Everyone knows Sacramento is now known as the “Farm-to-Fork Capital.” It’s starting to look pretty obvious by now that you don’t know all that much about Sacramento. You know the drill—drink!

6. Which river borders the Old Sacramento Waterfront?

A. The American River

B. The Cosumnes River

C. The Sacramento River

D. The Colorado River

Answer: The Sacramento River. Can’t blame you if you got this one wrong, it’s a tough one.

7. The California State Capitol is home to which time-honored government institution?

A. The governor’s office

B. The state Senate

C. The state Assembly

D. A really big dome

Answer: Yes! Slam back one final beer and tally up your results!