Sacramento sheriff’s deputies, probation officers to go before A&E film crew for documentary

Cease Fire project said to document ‘everyday heroism’ of law enforcement on patrol

Local law enforcement can’t get enough of the spotlight.

Sacramento County supervisors were poised Tuesday to approve a request from their sheriff and chief probation officer to allow a film crew to begin production of a documentary titled Cease Fire for the A&E network.

The sheriff’s department was already featured on MSNBC’s Lockup series last year and has been filmed numerous times for the grandaddy of true-crime reality shows, Cops.

Production company 79 Strong Media LLC is behind the A&E project that is intended to “to document the everyday heroism of the brave men and women who were born and raised in the same communities that they today are trusted to protect and serve,” according to an agenda report. Camera crews would follow sheriff’s deputies and probation officers patrolling the streets.

Under the proposed agreement, the sheriff’s and probation departments would have final approval on all completed segments before they could be readied for broadcast.