Roberta Chevrette

Woman Mother Earth Sky

This second CD by Roberta Chevrette, an Amador County native who currently hosts the Monday-night open-mic at the Fox & Goose, is, in part, a recapitulation of her home-rolled debut. Woman Mother Earth Sky, recorded here in Sacramento by local studio owner Jason Sewell with a small crew of backing musicians—most notably Ken Burnett on mandolin and John Bellizia on banjo and percussion, both of whom play in the Roberta Chevrette Trio—showcases Chevrette’s gauzy, hippie-girl vocals and samba-derived acoustic-guitar style. Her musings often work well, but sometimes the melodies and rhythms seem too similar from song to song. “Refrigerator Poetry” states her ethos most eloquently, and the spoken-word antiwar number “I Wish” followed by the thematically related “Can You Hear This?” are highlights.