Ride Along 2

Rated 2.0

An Atlanta cop (Ice Cube) and his yapping future brother-in-law (Kevin Hart) travel to Miami to find a computer hacker (Ken Jeong) who may be able to lead them to a big-time drugs-and-arms trafficker (Benjamin Bratt). The script by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi has about as much logic and dramatic conviction as a Three Stooges short, but things like that are beside the point. Everybody plays straight man to Hart, who here is more grating and less funny than he was two years ago in the first Ride Along—and not nearly as good or as funny as he can be; his constant chatter has an air of desperate vamping to keep us from noticing the gaps in the plot. Ice Cube is as stoic as he was before, and Olivia Munn as a Miami cop adds a pleasant touch. Bruce McGill and Tyrese Gibson contribute fly-by cameos. J.L.