REVIEW: Legion of Bloom Boost Live Resin

‘Live’ resin uses fresh or frozen flowers

Legion of Bloom Boost Live Resin

Legion of Bloom Boost Live Resin

Photo by Anne Stokes

It was during David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch that I first heard about using resin to get high, when a “hash resin almond paste” was offered as one of the drugs that could summon visions of insect typewriters and other horrors. Many years later as a starving stoner, tar-flavored resin hits padded out too many a dwindling stash.

Just don’t expect Cronenberg-ian nightmares or a black tongue when you ingest Legion of Bloom’s Boost Live Resin. The Northern California-based company only uses hand-selected, fresh-harvested, 100 percent California-grown live flower in their resin, and they practice sustainable processes, from no-pesticide cultivation through no-solvent extraction.

It is called “live resin” because Legion of Bloom only extracts from fresh or frozen flowers, rather than any dried-out plant material. This leaves more terpenes in the resin, which not only makes it smell and taste better, but it also boosts potency by increasing the effectiveness of the cannabinoids in the mix.

Many people already prefer resin because it has a stronger terpene expression than wax or shatter, but Legion of Bloom’s commitment to purity gives those terpenes even more power.

Their golden-raisin-colored Hybrid Boost strain tested at 74.7 percent THC, with a Playdoh-like consistency that proved easy to wield. It gives off a pleasantly pungent aroma of dank berries and a flavor of hash-y citrus.

The result was a potent high that didn’t come at the expense of mental clarity. In addition to the Hybrid, Legion of Bloom also offers Live Resin in Sativa and Indica strains.

<div class="star-rating"> Content: 74.7 percent THC </div> <div class="star-rating"> Price: $35/0.5 grams </div> <div class="star-rating"> Uses: Extreme pain relief and relaxation without sacrificing clarity </div> <div class="star-rating"> Pros: More robust flavor and aroma than wax and shatter </div> <div class="star-rating"> Cons: High potency makes this a bad idea for low-dosers </div>