Remember Me, My Love

Rated 2.0 Adults and teens search for someone to believe in and share intimacy with them in Gabriele Muccino’s soapy dissection of a dysfunctional, emotionally fragmented, middle-class Italian family. Accountant Carlo (Fabrizio Bentivoglio) and schoolteacher Giulia (Laura Morante) routinely plod through a now passionless marriage in Rome until his desire of finishing his half-written novel is rekindled by an ex-lover (Monica Bellucci) and his wife’s love of performing in live theater is given fresh life by a supportive director. While Mom and Dad covertly pursue their dreams and flirt with divorce, their daughter (Nicoletta Romanoff) sleeps with a sleazy producer in an attempt to land a dancing gig on a trashy TV show, and their son (Silvio Muccino) tries to impress a fellow student who thinks he is a loser. Never mind the popcorn. Pass the aspirin. All this befuddling angst and shouting sessions gave me a headache.