Realty reality

Median price for condos/homes in the Sacramento region (July)

Percent one-year decline in home prices in Sacramento
3.7 percent*

Percent foreclosures in Sacramento increased in the second quarter of 2005 (648) to the second quarter of 2006 (1,352)
108.6 percent

Ratio of homes in Sacramento listed on a typical day in July vs. the number of houses sold

Percent decline in escrow closures in Sacramento from July 2005 to July 2006
45.2 percent

Number of new dwellings in Sacramento County from mid-year 2004 to mid-year 2005

*Reports cite different statistics on the decline in home prices, varying from 2.4 percent to 5 percent, but most use the 3.7-percent figures, which may not include condo sales.

**16th-highest number in the United States.

Sources: California Association of Realtors, DataQuick News, Sacramento Associations of Realtors and Lyon Real Estate.