Rated 2.0

John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone, of course), retired from soldiering and (I kid you not) hunting snakes in Thailand, reluctantly agrees to ferry a band of do-gooder missionaries into Burma, where they are promptly kidnapped by the oppressive regime and have to be rescued. After 2006’s Rocky Balboa, director and co-writer (with Art Monterastelli) Stallone takes a nostalgic flyer at the other franchise from his glory days. The action is more or less nonstop, and the body count, even by Rambo-flick standards, is something appalling, with computer-generated imagery adding blandishments (blood spewing, body parts flying) that Stallone’s fans could only have dreamed of 20 years ago. It’s exactly what you’d expect, no more, no less—but at this rate, what can we look forward to? Cobra: Back in the Hood? Son of Judge Dredd?