Meet the Spartans

Rated 1.0

Writer-directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the appalling auteurs behind Date Movie and Epic Movie, have once again eluded their adult supervision and borrowed someone’s camera to make a dire spoof of 300, with a cast that includes Sean Maguire as King Leonidas, erstwhile TV Hercules Kevin Sorbo as his second in command, and the ever-sporting Carmen Electra (who hasn’t missed a Friedberg-Seltzer movie yet, poor girl) as Leonidas’ queen. There’s also a parade of celebrity look-alikes, but the resemblance is so thin that we have to be told who they’re supposed to be (“Why, it’s Ugly Betty!” “Hey, Tom Cruise!”). Friedberg and Seltzer still couldn’t get a laugh from a hyena. Filmed partly in New Orleans, say the credits; even so, Katrina is still the worst disaster ever to hit the town. Probably.