Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People

Led by Les Claypool, a skinny, quirky bassist with a penchant for fretboard calisthenics and slap bass, the Primus machine always held its comedic edge while impressing throngs of musicians with its respective instrumentation. The current lineup is near-original: guitarist Larry LaLonde and drummer Tim Alexander. Since its humble beginnings as Sausage, playing weekly at various North Bay haunts, it’s attracted a loyal legion of Primus-heads. These fans have been waiting for just such a reunion. This collection features a DVD of all of Primus’ music videos and a CD with five new songs. If “Pilcher’s Squad” and “Mary the Ice Cube” don’t get you interested, chances are Primus’ upcoming tour won’t matter, either. But for the devoted minions, this new offering couldn’t have come at a better time.