Rated 2.0

A 37-year-old divorcée (Uma Thurman) worries that her 23-year-old boyfriend (Bryan Greenberg) may be too young for her and confides her fears to her analyst (Meryl Streep)—not knowing that the shrink is the boy’s mother. Writer-director Ben Younger tries for a bittersweet romantic comedy, but he undercuts the May-December angle by having Thurman dress and act like a teenager. Worse, there’s little chemistry between Thurman and Greenberg; instead of wanting them to end up together, we’re impatient for them to admit it’s hopeless so we can all go home. It’s not really the inexperienced Greenberg’s fault; he’s saddled with an unplayable character—this childish jerk deserves neither a woman like Thurman nor a mother like Streep (who at least gets a chance to deploy her little-used flair for comedy).