Pride and Glory

Rated 3.0

A drug bust gone fishily wrong leaves four cops dead and tensions mounting among four more, who happen to be related. The smart and decent one (Edward Norton, of course), pressured by his detective-chief dad (Jon Voight) to lead the investigation, turns up some unsettling information about his brother (Noah Emmerich) and brother-in-law (Colin Farrell). Co-scripted by Sacramento’s own Joe Carnahan and director Gavin O’Connor, this particular cocktail of tough-guy-ism and plot convolution is well-acted all around and commendably unafraid of cop-drama clichés—from the fuckin’ New Yawk-accented shouting matches to the loyalty tests to the pervasively gloomy blue tint. That generic title won’t help in a few months when you’re staring at the DVD and trying to place it, wondering when this movie came out and whether you saw it at the time and thought it any good—or instead determined, correctly, to save it for a rental.