9 p.m. Monday, September 24 at Club Pow! inside the Press Club, 2030 P Street; $3; (916) 444-7914.

On his second solo album, singer-songwriter Nyles Lannon proves that folktronica is far from just an oxymoronic genrefication. Two years in the making, Pressure showcases a broader stylistic palette than Lannon’s 2004 debut, Chemical Friends, which stuck close to the “single acoustic guitar, earnest vocals” formula. Having expanded his sonic repertoire to include effected guitar, samples and layered vocal tracks, Lannon is able to incorporate varied blues and rock influences with greater subtlety. “Slipping” evokes a murkier, less-precious Dandy Warhols, while the too-brief “Lost in the Stars” shifts mid-song from beautifully arpeggiated Simon and Garfunkel-esque strains straight into a Stones-like shuffle, circa Between the Buttons. But comparisons only risk cheapening Lannon’s work.