Finding Forever

Common has constantly shown us his picture of what rap should be. Sometimes his lines and dimensions are just right (Resurrection, Be); others he comes off too overzealous (Electric Circus). This time around, his lyrics reach new levels of rhyme retardation (“Lifting you, my drive is shifting you”); there are more so-so tracks than standouts, and Lily Allen should be flogged for her Fergie-esque chorus on “Drivin’ Me Wild.” Black Eyed Pea, however, lends some ultra-laid-back vocals to “I Want You,” and “The Game” gladly trades Kanye West’s ’60s-soul production for a DJ Premier-style beat (Primo adds the scratches), which should give Common a good hint for his next album. Overall, Finding Forever is a well-drawn picture, but more of a Bob Ross original than a Da Vinci masterpiece.