Powerpuff Girls Movie

Rated 3.0 Professor Utonium uses sugar, spice and everything nice to create three perfect little girls in his laboratory, but a splash of Chemical X turns Blossom, Bubbles and surly Buttercup into “freaky bug-eyed weirdoes” who demolish everything in reach—including most of Townsville—with their unbridled superpowers. The animation is refreshingly retro minimalist and saturated with pastels (including the colored vapor trails of the little heroines), and the action is nonstop. The trio of waifs are tricked into assisting the evil monkey Mojo Rojo make a Help-the-Town-and-Make-It-a-Better-Place Machine that will allow him to conquer the world. A game of aerial tag and the pitched showdown with Mojo Rojo’s simian army run too long but do not overwhelm the multiple messages and exhilaration this adventure delivers as the girls save the very people who have forsaken them. Arrive on time for an extra bonus: the wacky Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon Chicken Scratch.