Men In Black II

Rated 2.0 Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) are back, this time battling an alien menace named Serleena (a hideous creature that, happily, takes the human form of Lara Flynn Boyle) who needs something called “the Light of Zartha” to conquer the universe. The first MIB was a lightweight but entertaining toy box; the sequel isn’t exactly bad, but it lacks even the modest pleasures of its predecessor, and it feels unnecessary even as you’re watching it. Robert Gordon and Barry Fanaro’s script is so insubstantial it barely fills 80 minutes of running time; it’s mainly tepid jokes and product placements, with no real danger and the outcome never in doubt. Barry Sonnenfeld directs without inspiration, the rapport between Smith and Jones isn’t what it was, and even the special effects are pretty cheesy.