Pork and booze

Illustration by Maria Ratinova

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, The Jungle Bird (2516 J Street) will be throwing itself a luau on October 28. The way it works: Buy a tropical cocktail, and you’ll get a ticket that entitles you to a bit of the whole pig spit-roasting in the backyard. Complete with Polynesian dancers and live music, the event will kick off at noon and run until 1 a.m.—the pig comes off the spit in the midafternoon. To mark the occasion, resident mixologist Buddy Newby has concocted two cocktails: The Polyanna—made with rum, grenadine, pineapple juice and all-spice dram—and the Swedish Moon—made with vodka, amaro, apricot liqueur, dark Jamaican rum, lime and passionfruit juice. To help guests remember the all-day affair, the Jungle Bird will also be selling a commemorative tiki mug ($25) that’s a replica of an 8-foot statue inside the restaurant.