Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse: The Official Field Manual for the End of the World

Jason Boyett

“The end is all kinds of nigh” says the jacket copy on this nifty little pocket guide to the end of days. Jason Boyett, author of Things You Should Know By Now and A Guy’s Guide to Life, gives an overview of last-day scenarios, from Zoroaster to Armageddon (the movie) and Armageddon (the event). Yes, the end of the world is inevitable; no, it’s not next week. Probably. His “Apocalyptionary” introduces the newbie to the language of the revelators, from “Abaddon” to “Witnesses, Two.” In between are explanations of preterism, historical and dispensational premillennialism, and all the other end-times eschatology. Maybe it’s just a handy guide for atheists reading the Left Behind novels, but with true believers at the helm of the nation, it may also be a survival manual for the rest of us.