Spliffs 2: Further Adventures in Cannabis Culture

Tim Pilcher

Spliffs 2 is, um, obviously geared toward pot smokers. Chapters include the top 50 greatest stoners of all time, reefer royalty and puffing politicians (Queen Victoria and the Bush family among them), proper rolling etiquette and, of course, the ups and downs of growing and selling. There are pretty pictures to stare at, and long blocks of text are broken up by fun facts or reefer-dulled testaments from people with herbal experiences. I myself know absolutely nothing—nothing at all, I tell you!—about this “Mary Jane,” nor would anyone at SN&R ever condone its use. That said, the book does cite many good, well-documented reasons for legalizing the stuff and even adds a few of its own; some future day, perhaps, my reviews will require fewer disclaimers.