Pit ciggies, domeheads, Mervyns and a three-rapper tour

Jason Boggs saxes up the Snobs set at Harlow’s on Sunday during Barack the Vote, an Obama fundraiser.

Jason Boggs saxes up the Snobs set at Harlow’s on Sunday during Barack the Vote, an Obama fundraiser.

Photo By amy scott

Touring for dummies: Remember when you were little and you’d come up with stupid ideas, like “Hey, let’s make a movie!”? But then you realized that you don’t have a camera, or any money, and that you weren’t really good at writing or acting. So inevitably you went back to smoking cigarettes and setting shit on fire. That happened a lot, to me at least.

Well, some youthful Sacramento hip-hop performers came up with a similar idea, but it’s actually working. Mahtie Bush (the black guy who hates people who hate hip-hop), Chase Moore (the white guy who can freestyle for hours if you let him) and Cawzlos (the beige guy who always gets punched in the face) decided to put their contacts together and start a West Coast hip-hop lineup called The Bridge Tour. It’s an unheard-of DIY effort that features a touring band of rappers from Sacramento. The idea is actually coming to life all because of this crew of talented, imaginative dudes who doesn’t let dreams go unfinished. We’ll be tracking the tour’s progress in the coming weeks, but until then, check www.myspace.com/mahtiebush916 for updates. (Josh Fernandez)

It starts off slow: Risqué is the new electro night at Barcode. I’m out front of the Arden Way club, blowing smoke clouds in the direction of Mervyns, a skeptic. Tila Tequila One and Tila Tequila Two shake their moneymakers. A B-boy starts in until a foot meets the chest of one burly security officer.

L.A. Riots goes on at midnight, and the club is rolling hundreds deep. Plastic glasses slam down, couples in neon embrace for scoot-and-shrug, and soon I too am victim to the beat like the rest, oblivious to the forthcoming journey back to the grid. (Kimberly Brown)

Dome sweet dome: Sniffing around for a place to go on a Thursday night, it was hard to ignore the distinct fragrances wafting from the UC Davis Domes community. At the annual Gin & Tonic Party hosted by the die-hard, flower children of Davis, the ganja was as potent as their armpits. Apart from the fumes, local experimental-funk group Sex, Funk, and Danger gave a lively performance. If this weren’t enough to occupy my slightly inebriated mind, there were also fire dancers, an electronica-themed dance room, and a fully gutted and restocked bus. (Megan Hanson)

Give ’em the boot: I have to admit, when Rancid bassist Matt Freeman started playing that intro to “Journey to the End of the East Bay” Saturday night, I felt like a little kid at his first punk show all over again. While The Warfield may be one of the more upscale venues in San Francisco, it still provided for some very punk-as-fuck moments, such as smoking cigarettes in the pit, scaling the barricade to stage-dive and getting the shit kicked out of you by security. Singing along was mandatory, since about 75 percent of the set list was off … And Out Come the Wolves and, seriously, if you didn’t memorize that album word-for-word as a teenager, you must have been a pretty lame kid.

Tim Armstrong, despite donning the growingly popular “crackhead” look, once again proved himself as a powerfully honest frontman, especially in an age when supposed “punk icons” rely on their eyeliner and spin kicks to move audiences. (Derek Nielsen)

Show me! Last-minute show: Mates of State will headline Harlow’s this Monday, October 6, 8:30 p.m.; $15.50.

You so fined: A quick note to artists and promoters: Be careful when posting show fliers. The city is cracking down in a big way. More to come next week …