Scene wars, their afterparties and other small-town shenanigans

The Ancient Sons’ Brad Teichman thumps the bass, unfazed by some kind of Technicolor explosion, at Old Ironsides last Friday.

The Ancient Sons’ Brad Teichman thumps the bass, unfazed by some kind of Technicolor explosion, at Old Ironsides last Friday.

Photo By amy scott

Ooh, gossip! According to Carlos Lopez (a.k.a. rapper Cawzlos), longstanding local promoter Brian McKenna issued an impromptu challenge to the loudmouthed emcee. It went like this: Lopez and McKenna got into an argument after the hip-hopper questioned the promoter’s loyalty to the Sacramento music scene. Cawzlos was upset that McKenna scheduled an Atmosphere show at Empire on the same night as the MC Rut/Cawzlos show at The Boardwalk in Orangevale. “We had a date and Brian stepped out,” Lopez said. “He dropped the ball on [MC Rut] and went with Atmosphere. Fuck that.”

But how do you really feel, Cawzlos? “Fuck Brian McKenna,” he added.

Not so fast there, Mr. Lopez; McKenna has a different perspective. He chalks it all up to small-town bullshit. He says MC Rut wanted an all-ages show at Harlow’s, which is impossible (it’s a 21-plus venue), so he scrapped the idea and went for the Atmosphere show instead, which he knew would do well at the Empire. MC Rut decided to still play on that night at The Boardwalk, despite warnings that they might not want to compete with Atmosphere’s draw.

So a challenge was born (that exists solely in Cawzlos’ delusional mind, says McKenna). September 19, which would you rather see: an established touring act (Atmosphere from Minnesota) or local up-and-comers (Cawzlos and MC Rut from Sacramento)? Even if the challenge is imaginary, it’s fun anyway.

To remain unbiased, and to keep my journalistic integrity intact, I’m not going to say which show I’ll attend. (But it rhymes with Flawzlos and Empty Slut.) (Josh Fernandez)

Show me! presents Second Saturday parties: Catch these Second Saturday gigs: Art Lessing & the Flower Vato at 21st and K streets (6 p.m., free); bands and deejays at “Vice, Vixens and Taco-Flavored Kisses” (1001 Del Paso Boulevard, 5 p.m., free, all ages); a deejay, Citystate, here at work, SN&R, at 6 p.m.; and another deejay set at UnitedState, 1014 24th Street, with art by Dave Robinson. As for Second Saturday afterparties, hit up deejays Shaun Slaughter and Crook One at Old Ironsides for Skin Tight (at 10 p.m.); Razorblade Monalisa, Times of Desperation, Ed Mudshi, Knife Thru Head at Javalounge (8 p.m., $5, all ages); or head to Davis to catch Lee Bob Watson at Sophia’s Thai Kitchen (10 p.m., $3, all ages). After that, you can sleep in on Sunday. (Nick Miller)

Nipples erectus: September is hotter than Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s school-teacher-in-a-Twisted-Sister-video look, yet it’s so close to the blustery chill of October that I prematurely shiver just thinking about it. Add to that all the exciting events going on this month and my nipples will never go flaccid! Oh my, is that too much information? Well here’s more:

On Friday, September 12, at the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis is Non Grata, a group of performance artists from Estonia who will perform with the Horsecow Bombers (be prepared to watch something that would make your mom barf). Speaking of Mom, she’ll be there, too, performing stuff that’s sure to make your innards tingle. If you’re faint of heart (or if you’re a pretentious a-hole who’s going to write another letter to the editor about how Mom isn’t music and we should be all be ashamed for even thinking so), don’t go to this show (but if you do go, bring a tissue to wipe away your delicate tears). Also, if you haven’t been to The Upstairs (2600 Watt Avenue), like I haven’t, perhaps Saturday, September 13, is the day to go. From 3 to 11 p.m. will be an all-day, all-ages bash with lots of bowling, beer (if you’re 21, of course) and 10 bands. The cover is $5. (J.F.)