PETA blows it big time

The worst press release of the month showed up in the ol’ inbox last Thursday—not the worst because it was poorly written, or because it was irrelevant to Sacramento, or just boring, but the worst because it was an exercise in exceptionally poor judgment.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is comparing nuking meat—specifically, a pork chop—to the appalling tragedy that resulted in the arrest of a local woman for allegedly killing her 8-week-old baby in a microwave.

Uh, PETA? Not such a good comparison. There are plenty of reasons to avoid eating meat, but the moral equivalent of infanticide? Not so much. Here at SN&R, we support vegetarianism and veganism as sustainable, sensible choices to reduce our human footprint on this endangered planet. But this? It’s just offensive, considering the circumstances.

In fact, the inability to discriminate between an infant and a pork chop ranks right up there with anti-choice activists who can’t discriminate between an embryo and a 3-year-old. Bad judgment, bad argument.

Pulling this idiotic move when some poor woman—who is undoubtedly suffering from mental illness—faces charges for murdering her infant is nothing short of ugly (and I don’t mean “ugly” like an ugly dog, either; I mean “ugly” in the way that only self-righteous, single-minded humans can be ugly).

PETA, you’ve lost a lot of ground with this one—and you’ve pissed off your friends.

Compiled from Kel’s Hot Flash.