Permission to move

Jon Droll, Shaun Slaughter and Sascha23 let their people go.

Jon Droll, Shaun Slaughter and Sascha23 let their people go.

When did the segregation of live music and dancing occur? At some point in the early 1990s in Sacramento, it was suddenly deemed unacceptable to do anything other than stand in one place and gently nod one’s head while watching a band. Those who swung their hips or (gasp!) dared to lift their feet off the ground risked ridicule from the “cool” kids who knew it was only hip to slouch with their hands in their pockets and look bored.

However this strange, unanimated custom came to pass, it’s happily going the way of all fads. It wasn’t fun for the audience; it wasn’t fun for the performers; and, frankly, we all work too hard to be so constrained and self-conscious in our off hours.

So, in the words of James Brown, it’s time to shake your moneymaker. There’s a whole new crop of clubs in Sacramento—weeklies and monthlies that combine DJ music with sets by the area’s most danceable live bands. (And the dancing doesn’t stop when the bands take the stage.) Despite fears that DJ nights at live-music venues herald the death of the music scene, clubs like Catfight and Vicious are actually breeding grounds for new fashion, art, music and movement.

End the standstill at the grand opening of Fuck Fridays at the Tower Club. The one-time Fuck dance party on January 22 drew such a large crowd that the club’s management granted DJs Shaun Slaughter, Jon Droll and Sascha23 a regular Friday-night slot. This Friday’s kickoff party features the trio’s patented mix of “aggro-electro, mutant disco, booty, and rock” music plus a live performance by San Francisco dance band Paradise Boys. (Preview their sound at The Tower Club is located at 1517 Broadway. Doors open at 9:30 p.m., and admission is $5. Visit for more information.