Celebrate the richness and diversity of our community



DreamWalker is an inspiring musical ensemble that radiates joy and passion through the use of percussion and drums from around the world. Each one of this eight-member ensemble brings diverse backgrounds and talents, yielding a musical synergy that engages the full range of human emotion. Their magical telepathic communication with each other and the audience, combined with spontaneous creative expression and deep-rooted primal power, yields a passionate array of color, sound and rhythm.

The music of DreamWalker invites you to discover freedom and joy, and find yourself in the rhythm of the heartbeat of life.

Steve Bash, Michael Bayard, Daniel Capp, Michael LaPilusa, Catherine Mandella, Dustin Shapiro, Steve Smith, James Steck, and Michael Strathdee (in memorium)

St. Paul’s Episcopal Handbell Choir
A Call for Unity marks the first performance by St. Paul’s Episcopal Handbell Choir outside the church. The group formed in 2001 after the church used donations from members to purchase a set of four-octave Schulmerich handbells. The choir gave its debut performance on that Christmas Eve — just seven days after the bells arrived. Pianist Daryl Reiber accompanies the group. Director Andrea Patten said A Call for Unity presents an opportunity for diverse groups to discover common bonds: “This is a wonderful opportunity to gather as individuals, recognize our differences and celebrate our oneness with God through the universal languages of music and prayer.”

St. Paul’s Episcopal Handbell Choir

Marilyn Amerson, Doug Clay, Amanda Czyzewski, Autumn Hardy, Linda Hardy, Mark Kane, John Paul Olafson, Richard Wilson, Charles Ziegler

Piano Accompanist: Daryl Reiber, Director: Andrea Patten

Schola Cantorum, Sacred Heart Church
Founded in 1992 by music director Donald Kendrick, Schola Cantorum has performed throughout North America and Europe. The adult choir from Sacred Heart Church sings at each Sunday’s 11 a.m. liturgy and for special feasts. The volunteer ensemble has appeared with the Sacramento Symphony Orchestra and Sacramento Choral Society and Orchestra.. The group views A Call for Unity as a special event. “We consider it an important and a highly valuable event to help to draw our community together as we remember a tragic event in our history,” Hendrick said.

Soprano: Peg Bartkiewicz, Nedra Crowe-Evers, Catherine Fagiolo, Iñez Antoni Mendezona, Rani Pettis, Rosemary Purtill, Betsy Sweeney, Melanie Webb, Rachael Yoder-Tolk

Alto: Marilyn Allison, Teresa Higgins, Mary Hjersman, Kathleen Kinney, Cindy Parker, Patty Roth, Rita Spillane

Schola Cantorum

Tenor: Aaron Catolico, Eugene Chan, Canuto Gamulao, Marti Johnson, John McIntyre, Jason Pettit

Bass: Anthony Bailey, Richard DiMauro, Michael Gorman, Jim McCormick, Steven Stromgren, Rob Whitlock, Daniel Yoder

Conductor: Donald Kendrick

Mary Youngblood
Mary Youngblood won a Grammy Award when Beneath the Raven Moon was named best Native American music album in February. The first female to professionally record the Native American flute, Youngblood in 1999 became the first woman to win flutist of the year at the Native American Music Awards. A board member of the Sacramento Urban Indian Health Project, Youngblood said A Call for Unity appeals to her diverse interests: “I’m a pretty eclectic girl in terms of my tastes in art, music and spirituality. I think this is a wonderful coming together … collaborating with other folks of different cultures in a healing event.”

Muslim Youth
For the first time in the history of Sacramento, these Muslim youth are coming together to perform a historical song. These youth have put their heart and soul to prepare this piece for the Call for Unity event. It is a welcoming song performed by the children of Median when Prophet Muhammed immigrated to Medina. This song will be sung in the beautiful, eloquent languages, Arabic and English.

Mary Youngblood

Hamza Abbasi, Javairia Abbasi, Linda Abdellateef, Noor Abdellateef, Ammal Bashir, Hammad Bashir, Jada Collins, Sabrina Collins, Alex Darwish, Monika Darwish, Oliver Darwish, Sonja Darwish, Megan Gesner, Munira Gesner, Faiz Khan, Jibran Khan, Aleena Malik, Aneeq Malik, Ali Sharif, Karim Sharif, Laila Sharif, Mohammad Sharif, Omar Sharif, Sarah Sharif, Tanya Syed, Hareem Zahid, Mayer Zahid, Omar Zahid

Director: Durriya Syed, Drummer: Shahrukh Chishty

Faith Fellowship Community Church
Formed three years ago, the Faith Fellowship Community Church choir has performed for congregations throughout the United States. Led by William Miller Jr., members sing at the North Highlands church on alternate Sundays and provide a worship service at the California Youth Authority’s Northern California Reception Center. The choir has participated in numerous events, including a workshop by gospel songwriter and composer V. Michael McKay, the 50th-anniversary celebration of the North Highlands Community program and Black Culture Day at the California State Fair.

Soprano: Rosalind Bolden, Arlene Collins, Frances Dixon, Christina Elmore, Leche Faulkner, Shatasha Felton, Barbara Gordon, Tamiko Greely, Josephine Jackson, Margo Jackson, Sylvia Jackson, Carla Johnson, Lynn Johnson, Phyllis Mansion, Charlene Maxey, Charlotte McBride, Yvonne Miller, Betty Moore, Jessie Patton, Julia Pride, Marquisha Smith, Jamika Standfield, Demetriece Thomas, Limetrias Thomas, Michelle Toussand, Deborah Van Dunk, Yvonne Walden, Debra Williams

Alto: Tina Blanco, Eli Chandler, Joaneene Colvard, Michael Cooper, Vivian Crocker, Chenell Cummings, Danielle Davis, Tyra Eddington, Corinn Elmore, Whitney Embra, Diedre Gibson, Lisa Hawley, Tonette Jackson, Tiffany Kenner, Tira Kenner, Ja’cari Kuykendall, Yvonne Littleton, Priscilla Marsh, Tatiana Miller, Vanessa Pouncy, Padgette Rhodes, Lisa Scott, Barbara Thomason, Monica Thomason, Brittany White, Janie Wilder, Britney Williams, Iveda Williams, Janet Wilson, Josephine Woods

Muslim Youth

Photo By Jill Wagner

Tenor: James Adams, Jerome Adams, Manuel Blanco, Joseph Brown, Stephanie Brown, Stephanie Brown, Donna Butler, Rose Charley, Stephen Cook, Derek Dawkins Jr., Rose Fountain, Alyssa Hall, Daisy Holeman, Dorothy Horne, Keisha Hughes, Susan Koller, D’andre Miller, Derrick Miller, Alvina Montgomery, Darla Moore, Jesse Norman, Faye Peterson, Marshalis Peterson, Kyland Powell, James Reed, Lori Rucks, Shirley Russell-Jones, Ernest Smith, Derrick Stanton, Millicent Stanon, Terry Thomason, Jan Veal, Ernest Wilder, Clovice Williams

Bass: Eric Barnett

Director: William Miller, Assistant Director: Melvyn Barney

Musicians: Lawrence Bodie, Jarrett Heartsman, Mai-Gemu Johnson, Tony Kenner, Jahmal Miller

Sheikh Refaat El Sayed and Maren Shawes
AZAN Call for Islamic Prayer

Faith Fellowship Community Church

Muslims are required to pray five times a day. The call for these prayers is called Azan. It started at the time of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) to let people know the time for prayer and they can come to congregate and pray. All over the world you can hear Azan five times a day. In Muslim countries Azan is called over the public address system.

Sheikh Refaat El Sayed is a teacher in Al-Arqam School in Sacramento. He has a heavenly voice that touches people’s hearts. He is a Hafiz, that means that he memorized the entire Quran.

Maren Shawesh is a teacher at SALAM and a student at Sacramento State University. She was a president of MSA at American River College and is a board member of CAIR.

Recitation in Arabic: Sheikh Refaat El Sayed

Translation in English: Maren Shawesh

Maria Bueb

Soprano Duet
Maria Bueb has been performing in the Sacramento area for more than 20 years. She serves as soprano choral scholar of Trinity Cathedral Choir, which recently returned from its fifth tour of England since 1990. During this year’s tour, the group sang Choral Evensong and Eucharist services at Peterborough Cathedral and Canterbury Cathedral. The choir concluded its tour with a Choral Evensong at Westminster Abbey. Bueb also is among the current company of actors performing in The Studio Theatre’s Six Women with Brain Death. She studies voice with Capitol Opera’s Kathleen Torchia-Sizemore.

Rachel Songer has performed at such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall and the Lincoln Center. Songer, who earned her bachelor’s degree in theater from New York’s Wagner College, has been singing professionally in Sacramento for nine years. She’s been with the cast of Six Women with Brain Death for four years, is a substitute cantor at Holy Spirit Church and is a choral scholar at The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Songer, who soon will release a CD, joined the Sacramento Choral Society for its spring performances of Carmina Burana.

Accompanist: Canon David Link, Director of Music, Trinity Cathedral

Primary Children’s Chorus from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints organized a 120-member children’s choir especially for A Call for Unity. The church also participated in last year’s event. Service is an important part of the LDS religion, whose members regularly work with other faith organizations to improve their communities through events such as cleaning up parks and streets and repairing schools and vandalized buildings. There are approximately 117 LDS congregations and 70,000 members in the Sacramento area.

Church member Richard Montgomery is president of the Sacramento Interfaith Service Bureau.

Rachel Songer

Brittany Adams, Sarah Adams, Summer Barnes, Kaitlyn Barney, Ben Basilius, Taylor Bassett, Lauren Bobo, Ashley Bonar, Calvin Boucher, Sidney Bowman, Jaysa Bracu, Alexis Busath, Haily Busath, Tanner Busch, Alyssa Campbell, Chad Campbell, Jenna Cassinat, Rebecca Castelo, Victoria Child, Yu Chinen, Nathan Clamp, Jared Clark, Jenny Cox, Amelia Day, Samantha Day, Julie Dean, Morgan Dobbins, Amanda Dudley, Brittany Eddenfield, Monica Ferra, Camilla Fisher, Harmony Gale, Madelyn Gardiner, Katie Garrett, Sarah Ghafari, Devon Gibson, Micah Greene, Bria Gwilliams, Mariah Halverson, Desirae Harmon, Heather Hauter, Jordan Hill, Tyler Hill, Jeff Hogge, Madelyn Hogge, Spencer Hogge, Brianna Hutchings, Gabrielle Jimenez, Dallin Johnson, Julia King, Alisha Kirschman, Betsy Konesky, Wendy Konesky, Brittany LaCara, Michell Lethco, Miranda Lo, Adam Lopez, Lindsey Lopez, Spencer Mahe, Marcy Martinez, Chelsea Mayer, Christine McAllister, Bethany Mixa, Katherine Montgomery, Laura Montgomery, David Muncy, Ryan Murray, Courtney Newbold, Kalena Newton, Chanelle Nichols, Jenissa Nichols, Pamela Pack, Tiffany Palmer, Brianna Parker, Sarah Pawluk, Seth Payne, Tori Phillips, Branden Price, Shelly Price, Jill Price, Brittany Purcell, Garrett Quinlan, Caitrin Saiki, Jourdan Satterfield, Hennifer Sauders, Anna Sawyer, Jenny Sawyer, Tanner Schmoekel, Daniel Scott, Ceydi Shulae, Tara Simmons, Jeremy Snelson, Katie Sorensen, Chelsea Spurgeon, Ellen Stone, Brianna Tall, Nickalus Tam, Natasha Tanner, Hayley Taylor, Charme Thornock, Madeline Toro, Julia Torza, Jessica Udy, Kirsten Vest, Jady Walker, Joshua Wallace, Lauren Walls, Tyler Whitaker, Malene Wohlford, Laura Woodland, Madison Woods, Mikayka Woods

Soloists: Amber Allen, Ashley Busath, Jared Clark, Sarah Ghaferi, Kimberly Goddard, Jonathan Goddard, Tyler Hill, Hilary Hogge, Brandon Muncy, Jill Price, Tara Simmons

Director: Paul Allen

Rondalla de Guadalupe,The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
The Rondalla de Guadalupe was founded in 1987 to participate in the noon mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe church. To celebrate its 16th anniversary, the group recorded its first CD, “Tradicion con Elegancia” (Tradition with Elegance). Rondalla de Guadalupe has performed in several community events, including Fiestas Patrias, the California State Fair, Festival de la Familia and the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. The band started the Recital of Rondallas, a gathering of Mexican musical groups, to celebrate its Latin roots.

Gustavo Alcantara, Arnulfo Arreguin, Jesus Barajas, Fco. Javier Campos, Eduardo Cisneros, Armando Covarrubias, Celso Covarrubias, Diego Gonzalez, Edy Madera, Francisco Mesa, Gustavo Morales, Francisco Mondragon, Jose (Pepito) Navarro, Alfonso Orellana, Delfino Oropeza, Guillermo Perez, Heriberto Resendiz, Francisco Rocha, Jorge Rocha, Juan Jose Sanchez, Roberto M. Soto, Martin Torres

Rondalla de Guadalupe

Hazzan Avraham Alpert, Mosaic Law Congregation
As the cantor for Mosaic Law Congregation, Hazzan Avraham Alpert conducts weekday, Shabbat and holiday services. A graduate of Arizona State University, he served as baal koreh, hazzan sheini and director of hevra kadisha at Tuscon’s Congregation Anshei Israel before moving to Sacramento. Alpert, who has studied with Hazzan Ivor Lichterman, the son of Jacob Lichterman, considers A Call for Unity an opportunity to celebrate religious freedom. “It is essential for all religious Americans, regardless of particular faith, to come together in celebration of our very freedom to follow our unique paths of spirituality,” he stated.

Hazzan Avraham Alpert

Piano Accompanist: Gerald Rheault

Spiritual Life Center Choir
The Spiritual Life Center Choir participated in last year’s Call for Unity to support the notion that different groups can come together to make a difference in their own community. The church, which was formed in November 1998, is an active participant in the Building Unity project. Spiritual Life Center is working with Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship, the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims and the Sikh Temple of West Sacramento to build a home in Oak Park.

Soprano: Christine Begovich, Christine Bishop, Carole Carter, Kjersti Cochran, Kathy Dona, Laura Farren, Patricia Frank, Jackie Goree, Elaine Gosine, Lynell Heaps, Jennifer Helm, Lisa Henretty, Barbara Kelch, Mary Jane Koelzer, Linda Kral, Jennie Lynn Ladd, Sue Livingston, Joan Marsh, Christine Mattos, Linda McCormick, Wanda McGuire, Sabrina Midwinter-Salas, Deborah Moskovitz, Anamaria Pasquieres, Mar-y-sol Pasquieres, Kathlyn Rhodes, Shirley Russell, Sally Scion, Keiko Silvert, Donna Sturla, Jan Summers, Deborah Wardly, Beth White

Hazzan Avraham Alpert

Alto: Brenda Alexander, Suzie Burdick, Tanyia Ceremello, Elizabeth Chatten, Penny Clement, Bonnie Davis, Robyn DeLong, Catherine Dunwoody, Kim Farris, Jajuan Francis, Carol Fritz, Nancy Gall, Lisa Hollwedel, Janet Hooven, Jackie Keller, Nanci Kuzins, Leslie Leggio, Pam Logan, Sheila Macias, Ann Mason, Vera Matthews, Mari McMahon, Kathy Michael, Jeri Murphy, Stephanie Murphy, Lauren Nackman, Dena Ratner, Judie Smith, Wendy Stevens, Jo Stoddard, Carol Van Bruggen, Jean Wigglesworth, Cindie Wilding

Tenor: Katrina Bee, Barbara Berg, Steven Blessing, Amanda Cloud, Walter Crawford, Jane Francis, Richard Fujinami, Shanti Garland, Alice Guiffreda, Randy Hardin, Ron Hoh, Ray Jenkins, Eileen Jinks, Sharon Jull, Dave Lyman, Kristi Matal, Dennis O’Neal, Andy Robles, Jeralynn Strong, John Stumbos, Gary Voytek, David Wilding

Bass: Dennis Cain, Wade Edwards, Steve Gallanthine, Morris Garrett, Jim Gray, George Hollenbeck, Jerry Hostler, Mike Kelwein, Alan Klein, Warren Marchette, Kevin McHugh, Marsha McKitrick, Phi Mead, Jim Pettit, Bill Ries, Chester Smith, Steven Starr, Steve Sullivan, Ken Swinford

Musicians: John Gardiner, Randy Parris, Patrick Poulson, Arthur Trinchera

Drums: Bob Scarlett

Spiritual Life Center Choir

Dancer: Cai Sorlein

Director: Richard Burdick

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Event Schedule
September 13, 2003 | 8pm | Robert & Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, UC Davis

Building Unity
A Monument to Public Service

Honoring Dr. Metwalli B. Amer
Recipient of the Building Unity Award for Outstanding Contributions to Interfaith Understanding and Cooperation

Celebrate the richness and diversity of our community

Proclamation of Call for Unity Week

Thank You
We would like to express our sincerest gratitude, appreciation, and thanks to those who have unselfishly given of themselves and their time to make this evening possible.