People & Places

Readers’ choice

Best neighborhood


2. East Sacramento

Best political activist

Commentator Mark Williams

2. Brian Fischer, founder of 100 Minds
(916) 996-8655,

Best political cause

Equal rights (including marriage) for gays and lesbians

2. Ending the war

Best tourist attraction

Old Sacramento

2. The state Capitol
10th and L streets, (916) 324-0333,

Best architecture

The state Capitol
10th and L streets, (916) 324-0333,

2. Ziggurat Building
707 Third Street in West Sacramento,


If these halls could talk

Dear Capitol,

Each day I come to work in your beautiful halls I am reminded how fortunate I am to live and work in Sacramento. Your halls, floors and ceilings have witnessed so much history, strife, sadness and greatness. I love you.

—Meegen M. Murray


Best new building downtown

The Towers
Third Street and Capitol Mall, (916) 443-2200,; slated to open in 2008

2. 800 J Lofts
900 J Street, third floor; (916) 760-7248;

Best light-rail stop

Folsom, on the Gold Line
(916) 321-2877,

2. St. Rose of Lima, on the Gold Line and Blue Line
(916) 321-2877,

Best place to people-watch

<b>K Street Mall</b> <br>For a city center so often accused of being underused and underappreciated, the K Street Mall sure does attract a colorful crowd. It’s a smorgasbord for locals looking to fill up on examples of Sacramento’s beauty, oddity and urban grit. That’s a good reason to love it just the way it is.

Photo By Larry Dalton

K Street Mall

2. Old Sacramento

Best place to beat the heat

American River

2. At the movies

Best park

McKinley Park
3330 McKinley Boulevard

2. William Land Park
4000 Land Park Drive

Best high school

<b>C.K. McClatchy High School</b> <br>Respected for its specialized academic offerings, like the Humanities and International Studies Program and the Fire Science Academy, McClatchy has earned the right to say, “We’re No. 1!"—though it’s only the second-oldest high school in Sac. Keep living up to your mission, McClatchy Lions: “Achieve high academic standards, value individual and cultural diversity, and demonstrate responsible citizenship.”

Photo By Larry Dalton

C.K. McClatchy High School
3066 Freeport Boulevard, (916) 264-4400,

2. Sacramento High School
2315 34th Street, (916) 277-6200,

Best elementary school

Crocker-Riverside Elementary School
2970 Riverside Boulevard, (916) 264-4183,

2. Phoebe Hearst Elementary School
1410 60th Street, (916) 277-6690,

Best place to view the river

Old Sacramento

2. Discovery Park
(916) 875-6961,

2. Rio City Cafe
1110 Front Street, (916) 442-8226,

Best local radio show

Rob, Arnie & Dawn in the Morning
KRXQ 98.5 FM,

2. Armstrong and Getty
KSTE 650 AM,


Wooing and swooning at the Naked Lounge

Dear Midtown! Oh, sweet Sacramento Midtown! How do I love thee! Let me count the ways! Your tree-lined streets, Victorians, Craftsmans. Your street dwellers, business people, hipsters, feral-cat enablers. This noble neighborhood that walks the line between the high life and the lowlifes. Your infill projects and light rail. Let’s not forget the Capitol! Center of our state’s government. Some might even say a center of creativity! At the thought of you, I swoon and order another latte from that cozy little java hut, Naked Lounge, whilst I read the weekly SN&R.

Yours Truly,
Jessica Mitchell


Best local radio personality

Tom Sullivan
KFBK 1530 AM,

2. Christine Craft
KSAC 1240 AM,

Best local TV newscaster

Cristina Mendonsa
KXTV News10,

2. Dave Walker

Best local blog


The Sac Rag

2. The Mark Williams Radio Show Blog

Best political battle

New arena

2. Governor’s race

Best news-anchor hair: male

Mark S. Allen
CBS 13,

2. Dale Schornack
KXTV News10,


Before sleep

I love a Sacramento summer night when the daytime temperature has been over 100 degrees, the sun sets, and the cool Delta breeze whips up, wafting across my body. Nothing beats it. And it makes me want to become nocturnal. I stay awake and outdoors to drink it all in, as long as I possibly can before sleep.

—Gerry Watt


Best news-anchor hair: female

Cristina Mendonsa
KXTV News10,

2. Taryn Winter Brill
CBS 13,

Best weekend getaway

Lake Tahoe

2. San Francisco

Best local politician

Assemblyman Dave Jones
915 L Street, Suite 110; (916) 324-4676;

2. Darrell Steinberg, a candidate for state Senate
(916) 443-7284,

Best local attorney

<b>Betty Little</b> <br>Betty Little, founder, with Steven Mopsick, of Mopsick and Little LLP, focuses on what the firm refers to as “tax controversy, including income tax, sales and use tax, employment and property tax.” And she’s obviously damned good at it, having taken the award for best attorney before the new firm even reached its first anniversary.

Photo By Larry Dalton

Betty Little
Mopsick & Little LLP; 3600 American River Drive, Suite 220; (916) 488-8501;

2. Mark Merin
Law Office of Mark E. Merin, 2001 P Street, Suite 100; (916) 443-6911

Best local doctor

Dr. Karna S. Gocke
UC Davis Medical Group of Rancho Cordova; 11000 Olson Drive, Suite 100, in Rancho Cordova; (916) 635-4120;

2. Dr. Don Zacharias
UC Davis Medical Group Capitol Clinic; 2000 O Street; (916) 442-1011;

Best local teacher

Douglas Barnes
Whitney Elementary School, 4248 Whitney Avenue, (916) 575-2407

2. Dianne Heimer
Sacramento City College, (916) 558-2695,

Best local print journalist

Cosmo Garvin
Sacramento News & Review, 1015 20th Street, (916) 498-1234,

2. Becca Costello
Sacramento News & Review, 1015 20th Street, (916) 498-1234,

Best candidate for governor

Phil Angelides
1331 21st Street, (916) 448-1998,

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger
P.O. Box 783, Sacramento, CA 95812; (916) 329-6600;

Best reason to live in Sacramento

The trees

2. It’s close to everything


A feast for the senses

O city of the sweltering summers, refreshing winters and cool Delta breezes; salty fried rice, mild Indian food and cheesy burritos; home of great basketball and minor-league baseball; city with the railroad history, the freeway present and the light-rail future: ever-changing, like the weather on a December day, like the downtown skyline, like your politicians’ plans … I feel your underdog self-esteem, see your glorious urban forest, taste the sweat of your hot summers rolling down my face and smell the river as I ride down your Parkway to another State Fair … and I feel your love.

—Dairl Helmer

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Silencing the nutty professor

Dear Sacramento,

When I was 18, all I wanted to do was get away from you. I thought you were too small, too hot, and not nearly metropolitan enough for a girl like me. And so I left you. A few months later, I found myself in a history class somewhere in Southern California. The professor had gone off on a tangent about state capitals. I was barely listening when I caught her saying something about how California’s capital wasn’t even a “real city.” All of a sudden, something inside me came alive. I had to defend the city. I just had to! I raised my hand and, before even being called on, yelled out in front of my classmates, “Sacramento is great. You don’t know what you’re talking about!” The whole room sat there quiet for a very long time.

—Stacy Beckley

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Under a sheltering skyline

Dear Sacramento,

You are much maligned, but many things you are chastized for make you special. I know of no other city where downtown feels so comfortable. The beauty of old architecture mixed in with new, the lovely river that rolls along your edge and the millions of trees that line your streets create a lush, welcoming environment. Even state buildings have gone from institutional to fascinating. And the Capitol grounds remain one of the most beautiful places in the state. Filled with history and power, heat and passion, your ever-changing skyline constantly welcomes home its residents.

—Roxane Fritz