Pedaling food

Illustration by mark stivers

Have you seen the big, bright orange bicycles around town fitted with multiple baskets? They look like they could carry a few passengers, but they’re actually the mini fleet of bikes for Edible Pedal—a new restaurant-delivery option. The Dutch-made cargo bikes caught Bicycle Business’ John Boyer’s eye, which inspired him and friend Ryan Grady to start talking to owners whose restaurants didn’t have delivery. Edible Pedal now delivers downtown and Midtown—Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.—from Steamers, The Waterboy and Chanterelle. Soon, they’ll pedal pizzas in East Sac for Waterboy chef Rick Mahan’s new OneSpeed restaurant (hopefully starting in June). Boyer and Grady want to help “green the grid” with this eco-friendly system—a great addition to the limited food-delivery options we currently have. Check them out at or (916) 342-0813.