Rated 3.0

Two British sci-fi nerds on an RV tour of American UFO sites (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) meet up with an honest-to-goodness alien who’s been in custody since 1947 (voice by Seth Rogen) and who only wants to go home. Along the way, the three fugitives pick up a one-eyed Jesus freak (Kristen Wiig) and an implacable FBI pursuer (Jason Bateman). The script by Pegg and Frost is a sort of trailer-trash remake of E.T., bristling with knowing references to that classic (including a sporting appearance by the voice of Steven Spielberg) and a host of other well-loved sci-fi movies. Director Greg Mottola takes a cheerfully vulgar approach to the material, getting off to a slow start but gathering momentum as the story goes along. Jeffrey Tambor, Jane Lynch, Sigourney Weaver and others provide amusing drive-by support.