“Pasta Dave” Brochier is the man who makes the delicious and feather-light pasta at Mulvaney’s Building & Loan and Tulí Bistro. I asked him for some of his favorite summer pasta combos:

“I tend to stay away from cream sauces in the summer, so a very simple sauce of cherry tomatoes is good. I sauté them until they are about to burst, and pair them with a plain pasta so the tomatoes stand out.

“You can make a beautiful ravioli filling with roasted corn, mascarpone cheese, fresh thyme, and salt and pepper. It’s really amazing.

“When early lady beans are available, I mix them with fresh mozzarella and gypsy peppers for a tortellini filling. You get the creaminess from the beans and the spice from the peppers, plus a light white wine and tomato sauce.”