Dine and design

Bob Dahlquist is a graphic designer who has worked with some of New York City’s best restaurateurs, including Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio of Craft. I asked Bob what he could share with us about his experiences there.

“I think partially because it’s so intensely competitive, there’s an earnestness in N.Y. Once, a waiter displayed the cheese platter and, knowing I was a cyclist, pointed out one from a small village in France that was ‘on stage four’ of the Tour [de France].

“I’ve noticed how Sacramento tends to look outside itself, asking, ‘What do they want?’ where New York asks, ‘What do we want?’ It’s an important distinction, and I think it’s healthy that Sacto’s beginning to think more of itself.

“As a native, I’ve seen an exponential dining change here. We have so much more going for us now, plus great weather for outdoor dining and this abundance of food growing right here.”