Pasta pirate

If you haven’t heard of “Pasta” Dave, you haven’t eaten at Mulvaney’s Building & Loan (1215 19th Street) lately. Dave Brochier is the bald guy who looks vaguely like a pirate, cranking out fresh pasta in the open kitchen.

Until recently, you could only get his handmade, succulent pastas at select Midtown restaurants. Just recently, though, I saw some Pasta Dave creations at Taylor’s Market (2900 Freeport Boulevard). Stashed away on the bottom shelf of the takeout case, there were little treasure chests of golden semolina noodles, including hand-cut pappardelle, fettuccine and maccheroni alla chitarra. The last one is made by pushing it through wires strung on a box like a guitar.

They didn’t have stuffed ravioli or agnolotti, which are his specialty, but I hope to see some soon (they are on the menu at Taylor’s Kitchen next door). Keep your spyglass on the horizon for Dave to open his own pasta shop, with cooking classes, prepared sauces and a plethora of pastas.