Cupcake overload

You’d think by now that we would all have eaten enough cupcakes. Apparently not. A new outlet of Icing on the Cupcake just opened (1121 Alhambra Boulevard), at least three years into the Sacramento love affair with these little indulgences.

Practically everyone makes them. You can buy vegan versions at Sugar Plum Vegan Cafe (2315 K Street) and gluten-free varieties at Whole Foods (4315 Arden Way). And what’s with all the red-velvet cupcakes? The food-dye industry must be delighted!

But if I had to choose my last cupcake, it’s Ginger Elizabeth (1801 L Street) who would take the cake. She’s started having Cupcake Day once a month, and she could make a fortune with just those confections. They’re a bit smaller than others on the market, but oh-so fantastic. The salty caramel cupcake is the crowning glory, although the spiced pumpkin is seasonal eating at its best. But really, Ginger, shouldn’t there be a Ginger cupcake? Indulge me.