Rated 2.0

Gary Oldman has spent decades swirling his tongue around garish Southern, Russian and New York stock villain accents, but in the comatose “thriller” Paranoia, he gets the rare opportunity to revel in his natural Cockney tones. His tech titan Nicolas Wyatt is all refinement and slither, and he's well-matched by Harrison Ford as Wyatt's chief competitor. Too bad neither of them is the star of Paranoia, and in fact, they're both barely in the picture. The real star is Australian Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) as an ambitious washout recruited for corporate espionage. Playing a knockoff of a knockoff of Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox from Wall Street, Hemsworth struggles to project any sort of personality. It doesn't help that the script is overly familiar and flat, or that director Robert Luketic lacks the tools to ratchet up tension.