Papa Roach

Although lovehatetragedy reveals more about the childhood and personal experiences of frontman Jacoby Shaddix, aka Coby Dick, than should be allowed, his inherent passion and fervor reveal much more than a whining, self-loathing 20-something. From the opening track, the aptly titled “M-80,” to the ridiculously catchy chorus of “She Loves Me Not,” comes a nonstop barrage of cathartic metal. On “Decompression Period,” one of the album’s pseudo-ballads, Jerry Horton’s driving rhythms help break the monotony of an otherwise drab experience. Tobin Esperance surfaces as the primary songwriter, writing the bulk of the album’s standout tracks, like “Black Clouds” and “Time and Time Again.” In an otherwise congested, mediocre genre, Papa Roach succeeds in pushing the envelope of melodic nu-metal beyond Infest, its multi-platinum major-label debut, and the self-released efforts that came before it.