Pachyderm of purps

I cringe at this tired analogy, but purple really is the new green. At least when it comes to medical cannabis: indica of a different color, commonly referred to as “the purps,” is in higher demand than ever. There’s even a Sacramento dispensary that proffers only purple. At family owned and operated Enso Wellness in Orangevale, however, there’s but one: 707 Urkel. Yet it’s a pachyderm among purps. Budtender Jenna explains that the appeal is largely superficial: Undersized but robust aubergine nugs seduce patients. Enso’s 707 Urkel strain—fiery purple hairs, mild trichome dusting—boasts a subtle, lavender flavor that belies grape Kool-Aid comparisons. Similarly, the high is mellow, with a creative edge, and never debilitating. $50 an eighth, 6224 Walnut Avenue in Orangevale.