Brain bender

At Delta Health and Wellness, they sell Green Crack. The attentive, congenial budtender places the indoor-grown bud under a magnifying glass to showcase its wealth of kief crystals, orange-hair flourishes and muted, asparagus-green hue. Then, he explains that the high will be heady but mood-enhancing, and that it’s the dispensary’s most in-demand sativa. Online, people say it’s a good strain for relieving stress. Verdict? I can handle a spacey high, but one modest, vaporized bowl of the tangy orange-flavored Crack sent this brain on a bender. Relaxing on the couch was out of the question. This top-shelf Crack begged for action, stimulus, people. Otherwise, prepare to be trapped in the puzzle of one’s own thoughts—like a crackhead. $50 an eighth, 2418 17th Street near Broadway.