Rated 3.0

A traveler from another world (Jim Caviezel) crashes in the fjords of Norway during the time of the Vikings and cautiously joins forces with them to battle the huge glowing monster that has escaped from his shattered spaceship. To his good fortune, he arrives just in time to find the yummy daughter (Sophia Myles) of the wise local king (John Hurt) rejecting her cocky, pretty-boy suitor (Jack Huston); if the outlander can hang in with her for a few rounds of fisticuffs and win her people’s mead-chugging, sword-schwinging respect, she’s all his. Less luckily, his killer cargo has rather gorily taken the opportunity to devastate a neighboring village, thereby inflaming a feud between the king and his own skull-smashing rival (Ron Perlman). Written by Dirk Blackman and director Howard McCain, who together also co-wrote a forthcoming new chapter in the saga that Conan the Barbarian began, Outlander is appealingly regressive.