Blood Brothers

If you’ve ever wondered why former Philadelphia 76er superstar Allen Iverson packs heat, look no further than Outerspace, a.k.a. Crypt and Planet, the orneriest pair of thugs to ever crawl out of the City of Brotherly Love’s underground hip-hop scene. “You don’t like me, I don’t like you, I’m ’bout to kill you, nigga,” the destructive duo chants in “U Don’t Like Me,” setting the tone for a blood-soaked nightmare that never lets up. Bone-breaking bass beats, Godfather mandolin samples and old-school scratching are the weapons of choice. “This ain’t no sing-along music for you to ride up on,” Crypt and Planet inform us in “Street Massacre,” before scorching the Earth with a fusillade of heavy beats. There goes the neighborhood.