On why calling fake emergencies to 911 doesn't work

When the cops have you cornered and there’s no escape, why not just call in a bunch of fake emergencies to 911?

Short answer: Because it doesn't work.

Sacramento police responded to reports of a scrum involving multiple combatants in a residential neighborhood known as Woodbine early in the morning on May 1. Upon arrival, one subject lit out and jumped into the back of a stationary vehicle, where he proceeded to call in a half-dozen fake emergencies to 911. The calls included bogus reports of a robbery, a sexual assault and a shooting, according to police logs.

The suspect, identified as 28-year-old Ceasar Ruelas Martinez, ultimately surrendered when it became clear officers weren't taking the bait. As of Monday, Martinez was in the Sacramento County Main Jail on a no-bail parole violation, as well as misdemeanor charges of reporting a false emergency and calling 911 with the intent to annoy or harass.

According to police logs, the California Highway Patrol's dispatch center, which fields all emergency calls in Sacramento, verified the fake calls originated from the suspect's cellphone.

Martinez was scheduled to appear in Sacramento Superior Court on Wednesday, May 8.