On the record

KDVS Record Swap

Yeah, so, I still don&Rsquo;t own an iPod. Every time I consider it, something manages to change my mind. I need something tangible, I think. Otis Redding just wouldn&Rsquo;t be the same, I realize. And what about the thrill of the hunt, the rush of that feeling—Eureka!—when you’ve landed upon that certain something? And c’mon, you know they sound better. No, no, my records are far too dear to give up. I used to fall asleep to the rhythmic snap-crackle-pop static for chrissakes (though I admit, I had that recorded and looped onto CD—a new stylus ain&Rsquo;t cheap!). My point? If you’re any bit as nostalgic as I am, here’s your moment to shine. First, Capital Public Radio hosts its annual Used CD and Record Sale Saturday and Sunday. And if that’s not enough to turn your tables, the KDVS Record Swap happens this Sunday, too. Buy, sell and trade LPs and singles (size doesn&Rsquo;t matter here—7 or 12 inches), cassettes, CDs and zines. Between the two, you’ve got no excuse not to strike gold this weekend. Don&Rsquo;t forget to bring cash for your finds.