On restroom access, California is a Grand Old Party pooper

Gender-neutral restroom legislation marks direct contrast to North Carolina law

As the nation goes, so goes California … in the opposite direction.

At least when it comes to bathroom politics.

While the Obama administration ruffled intolerant conservative feathers last week by directing public schools to let transgender students use the public restrooms that are right for them, the Elk Grove Unified School District reminded that California schools already did so without incident under a 2014 state bill.

Meanwhile, a bill to expand those types of accommodations throughout California was approved earlier this month on the Assembly floor on a 55-19 vote, and is now before the state Senate for consideration.

The legislative proposal from Assemblyman Phil Ting would render all public single-user restrooms as gender-neutral, marking a direct contrast to the nitpicky North Carolina law that ties bathroom access to birth records and has merited widespread condemnation from the likes of Bono to the U.S. Department of Justice.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and other state politicians have so far stuck to their guns—flushing their tourism economy down the drain.