His kampf: Police determine ex-Sacramento neo-Nazi behind hateful fliers distributed in Midtown

Greg Withrow arrested in Oroville on probation violation

Flip-flopping neo-Nazi Greg Withrow was back behind bars on Tuesday, but not for distributing the flier that roiled Midtown last week with its calls for violence against Muslims and Mexicans.

On Monday, detectives from the Sacramento Police Department arrested the 55-year-old in Oroville on an unspecified probation violation after determining the longtime white supremacist was behind a double-sided flier that promoted extermination camps for “all Muslim and Mexican forces,” and was disseminated around the Midtown area the morning of May 3.

Identifying Withrow wasn’t the hard part for authorities. The hate-sheet, entitled “The Hundred Little Death Camp Policy,” included his name, an Oroville address and a jumbled curriculum vitae that listed Aryan groups he’d formed and directed readers to his Wikipedia entry. But confirming that it was actually Withrow who produced the document took a dual investigation by police and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, a police department release states.

In the release, the department said that while the fliers were “inflammatory and offensive, neither their content nor their distribution constituted a violation of the law.”

According to VINELink, a victim-notification software program used by law enforcement agencies, Withrow was in custody at the Butte County Jail on Tuesday afternoon. Except VINE listed “Gregory Withrow” as the offender’s alias, and “Gregory Steven Tremaine” as his legal name.

The Sacramento native’s race-baiting roots stretch back decades. In 1987, Withrow famously denounced his ties to the white supremacist movement, including his work with the California Ku Klux Klan, only to claim his reformation as a scam 13 years later, after a bitter divorce to a woman of Mexican descent.

In 2001, SN&R reported Withrow’s then-claim that he’d renounced white supremacy (See “White Lies” by Tom Gascoyne; SN&R Feature Story; September 6, 2001.) Today, the semi-coherent writings of the flier, which also attacks capitalism, don’t paint its author in a stable light. “If you have not secured a body dump-site, do so now!” it commands at one point. “Kidnap, rob, torture for information and execute all Muslims and Latinos. Leave no survivors.”